• The Deerfield River is tributary to the Connecticut River, depicted here in Thomas Cole's famous 1836 painting

  • The Deerfield River in its floodplain eroding through the red sandstone that makes up Mount Sugarloaf.

  • Swimming hole on the Deerfield (photo: Art Schwenger)

  • Rafters enjoying a summer day on the river (Photo: Art Schwenger)

  • Sunset during December over the Deerfield Valley (photo: A Schwenger)

  • Autumn along the Deerfield RIver

Water Quality

The most recent iteration of the DRWA water quality monitoring program has been running since 2017. Sites are tested on the Deerfield mainstem and its tributaries in both Vermont and Massachusetts. Volunteers visit these sites Wednesday mornings from June to September to collect samples that are tested for E. coli, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, turbidity, and conductivity.   Check out the available reports:  

2018 General Report

2018 Green River Report

2017 General Report

    DRWA has been documenting the water quality in the main stem and tributaries intermittently since 1990. Previous years’ data can be found in the archived data.