• The Deerfield River is tributary to the Connecticut River, depicted here in Thomas Cole's famous 1836 painting

  • The Deerfield River in its floodplain eroding through the red sandstone that makes up Mount Sugarloaf.

  • Swimming hole on the Deerfield (photo: Art Schwenger)

  • Rafters enjoying a summer day on the river (Photo: Art Schwenger)

  • Sunset during December over the Deerfield Valley (photo: A Schwenger)

  • Autumn along the Deerfield RIver

Meeting Minutes: January 26, 2017

DRWA Meeting

January 26, 2017


CRWC Office

In Attendance: Ryan (note-taker), Polly, David, Art, Richard, Robert, Jim, Andy, Andrea, and Brian

No minutes from November meeting to approve.

Discussion of Affiliation Agreement

    • Line 58-59 amended to say “All remaining assets and membership data…
    • Implementation details: Laura will update Excel membership list and hand it over to CRWC to be integrated into their giftworks database
      • DRWA members will be coded as Deerfield interest group
      • Any other data associated with the members can be entered as well
      • Laura will be updating membership info with data from Razoo, and then Razoo page needs to be closed
    • Laura will be working with CRWC to get DRWA into CRWC quickbooks
    • Future membership solicitations to those coded as Deerfield will be Deerfield specific
    • Future Valley Gives campaigns will be integrated with CRWC
    • Brian suggested compensating/gifting Laura for her hard work that she has not billed for
      • Suggested amount $500 compensation for work in 2016 – motion carried
    • Motion to accept agreement as amended passed, Brian and Andy signed agreement


  • Calendar of implementation:


      • DRWA announces to our membership about change; final draft of letter to membership due Feb 7, letter goes out on DRWA letterhead to membership at the end of February
      • Feb 15th – the first DRWA newsletter insert is finalized, newsletter lands in people’s mailboxes at the beginning of April
      • Beginning of May: spring solicitation
      • Will have to figure out Valley Gives specifics as it gets closer
    • Andrea described current CRWC programs in the Deerfield Watershed:
      • Hydro relicensing: she would like DRWA to communicate board and member feelings to her, active participation in the relicensing process including submitting comments. The board would like to be notified about meetings. We should solicit our membership to fill out recreation survey (Andrea can send out link)
      • Chickley River tree planting was a recently completed project
      • Potential project on the Chickley doing knotweed control
      • Several in-stream restoration projects planned including in Colrain and Guilford. 4 or 5 other opportunities available. Projects are high exposure and offer fun volunteer opportunities
      • Deerfield River Resiliency Group – Riversmart kickoff was in December
      • Samplepalooza multi-state monitoring effort
      • CRWC has strong interest in pursuing nutrient monitoring in MA
      • Andrea reviews NPDES discharge permits in the watershed


  • New board responsibilities


    • Jim Perry will chair temporarily, Art to support
    • Ryan will take over website duties and look into online file storage
  • FRCOG and Franklin Land Trust taking over Mahican-Mohawk Trail, Letter of Support from DRWA approved and signed. Jim will mail
  • Ryan presented LaRosa proposal for monitoring in Vermont, proposal is due Jan 30th for lab services; the rest of funding and logistics can be worked out at a later date. Interest in using up CRWC’s lab credits to do monitoring in MA as long as there is need for the data