• The Deerfield River is tributary to the Connecticut River, depicted here in Thomas Cole's famous 1836 painting

  • The Deerfield River in its floodplain eroding through the red sandstone that makes up Mount Sugarloaf.

  • Swimming hole on the Deerfield (photo: Art Schwenger)

  • Rafters enjoying a summer day on the river (Photo: Art Schwenger)

  • Sunset during December over the Deerfield Valley (photo: A Schwenger)

  • Autumn along the Deerfield RIver

Meeting Minutes: Feb 16, 2016

DRWA Board Meeting – Feb 16, 2016
Meeting Minutes
Greenfield MA, CRWC office – In attendance: Ryan O’Donnell, Dave Boles, Rob Creamer, Brian Yellen (presiding, taking notes)

1) Mail

2) Dec minutes approved.

3) Updates on FERC Bear Swamp relicence Robert updated us all on current status of negotiations between Brookfield (Bear Swamp) and stakeholders. There are lots of back and forths regarding scope of studies planned for relicensing. Next meeting is 2/24-25 on rt 2. Robt plans to attend first day.

4) Headwaters Collaborative (Brian) Headed by Rackel Katz, postdoc at Conte fish lab. Wants to develop a model to manage pristine coldwater headwater streams in light of climate change and potential development. Initiating a discrete stream improvement project to test model of engaging multiple stakeholders.

5) Citizen science expo in Brattloboro, 4/9 (Ryan) Ryan will be presenting on behalf of SEVWA. Maybe DRWA can host a table as well? Paid for by EPA.

6) Intervenor status for pipeline (Brian) Mark Burton reached out. We missed the deadline to intervene, but will try to engage members with vigilance initiative in next email to membership.

7) Revisit ongoing status of DRWA (Brian)
Invite Laura to next meeting to see if we can get spreadsheet management of members going.

Meeting adjourned 8:25.