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Japanese knotweed

DRWA has conducted a survey for Japanese knotweed (a non-native, invasive plant) along the Deerfield River's tributaries. Japanese knotweed is a perennial plant that tolerates a wide range of soil conditions and moisture regimes. It grows up to 3 ft. tall or more and is found in almost all habitats, from your backyard to islands in the Deerfield River. Check results. DRWA received an award from the Massachusetts Environmental Trust to manage knotweed in the watershed this coming year.

EPA Links

Forest riparian habitat: check 1990 EPA data

Agricultural/Urban Riparian Habitat 1990 EPA data

Open Space

A lot is happening these days on open space, with the Franklin Land Trust and the Trustees of Reservation working on this issue in our region.

Vernal Pools

Vernal pools are unique wildlife habitats best known for the amphibians and invertebrate animals that use them to breed. They are particularly vulnerable habitats, but can be protected if certified. Find out more from the Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program and the the Vernal Pool Association

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