• The Deerfield River is tributary to the Connecticut River, depicted here in Thomas Cole's famous 1836 painting

  • The Deerfield River in its floodplain eroding through the red sandstone that makes up Mount Sugarloaf.

  • Swimming hole on the Deerfield (photo: Art Schwenger)

  • Rafters enjoying a summer day on the river (Photo: Art Schwenger)

  • Sunset during December over the Deerfield Valley (photo: A Schwenger)

  • Autumn along the Deerfield RIver

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February 2014 Meeting Minutes

7 pm February 18, 2014, Greenfield Coop Bank in Shelburne Falls In Attendance: Mason Colby, Rob Creamer, Dick Quinn, Mark Burton, Polly Bartlett, Brian Yellen (presiding) 1) Distribute mail 2) Brian will not be at Riverfest due to a wedding in MD. Mason discussed looking into fish tanks for RiverFest.  Polly will see about reservingContinue Reading

January 2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting held 7pm at Greenfield Coop Bank in Shelburne Falls Attending: David, Polly, Rob, Mike, Robert, Joah (keeping Minutes), Mark, Richard, Brian (presiding),Wendy and Rich Hubbard (guests). Franklin Land Trust- Wendy and Rich Hubbard came to talk about FLT, located at new location 5 Mechanic St. in Shelurne Falls, and the connections and options withContinue Reading

November 2013 Meeting Minutes

DRWA Meeting Minutes November 19, 2013 in Shelburne Falls MA  Attending: Board Members Richard Quinn, Rob Creamer, Michael Cole, Mark Burton, Robert May, Brian Yellen (presiding), Johanna Castilla (keeping Minutes), Polly Bartlett, Muriel Russell and guest Mitch Colby. AGENDA Minutes Approved for October 2013 as circulated via email (Board)-A paper copy will be brought toContinue Reading

October 2013 – Annual Meeting Minutes

 DRWA Meeting Minutes For Annual Meeting Saturday, October 19th 2013 at the Greenfield Swimming Pool Attending: Board Members: Polly Bartlett, David Boles, Mark Burton, Mike Cole, Johanna Castilla (keeping minutes), Brian Yellen (presiding). Attending Members: Terry Atkinson, Jay and Ivy Rasku, and Kathy Stein. Attending Friends: Roger Lynch, Trish Parker and her daughter, Nikos andContinue Reading

September 2013 Minutes

DRWA Meeting Minutes September 17 2013 at CRWC in Greenfield MA Attending: Mark Burton, Polly Bartlett, Rob Creamer, Muriel Russell, Richard Quinn, Robert May, David Boles, Brian Yellen (presiding), and Johanna Castilla (keeping Minutes). Agenda Treasurer Update (Mark)- CD’s totalling $11,000 have rolled over and been renewed, earning 2% interest. Laura writes checks on Mark’sContinue Reading