Links to Vernal Pool Websites

  1. Upper Susquehanna Coalition Vernal Pool Program: Very nice website with a good list of references and resources (
  1. The Vernal Pool Association: This Massachusetts organization focuses exclusively on vernal pools. The site has wonderful photographs of the invertebrates that can be found in vernal pools (
  1. USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Checklist of Amphibian Species and Identification Guide: Online Guide for the Identification of Amphibians in North America north of Mexico (
  1. Amphibia Web: An online system that allows free access to information on amphibian biology and conservation (
  1. USGS Frog Quiz: Calls of all North American frog species; look up calls or take a quiz (
  1. Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program: The site for information on certifying vernal pools in Massachusetts (

  2. The Ontario Vernal Pool Association: excellent information on vernal pool ecology and photographs of animal and plant communities (

volunteers study vernal pools

Volunteer studying a vernal pool in Greenfield

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